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Friday, 2 February 2018

The Round House

by Louise Erdrich

Author Karen Louise Erdrich born in 1954, winner of National American book award 2012,
lives in Minnesota with her children and runs a small independent book store
Her father is of German American  descent. Her mother half Ojibwa (Chippewa) half French American.
Louise Erdrich is a member of the Anishi Nation known as Chippewa.
She is considered  as one of the most significant american writer.

The story is set in a remote Indian Reservation in North Dakota and is filled with mystical traditions and eccentric characters.
We learn from the prospective of 13 year old Joe, who is the narrator of the book, about the brutal rape and attempted murder of his mother. 
Joe and his family are Chippewa Indians.
Joe and his father, a judge, find out that the suspect is a white man.
As the brutal attack took place in the vicinity of the sacred Round House, seeking justice
becomes devastating. As it is on the boundary of tribal, state and federal jurisdiction, his father
can do nothing about it.
Joe decides to take the law in his one hands. This leads to a brutal introduction of the grown up life. 

We learn a lot in his vivid description about Indian life on the reservation and his growing up and facing deep moral questions and try to find answers about what makes a person violent and much more.
It is a beautifully written book, touching and partly heartbreaking as we follow Joe’s journey
through life.
In Erdrich’s afterword she tells us the shocking truth that one out of 3 native women will
be raped during their lifetime.
The consent of our group is: "It is a book well worth reading.”


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