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Page 7: Suggested books

  Suggestions for 2018


By Irène :               SOFI OKSANEN ( Finland): "When the doves disappeared"             
By Anne :                JAMES MCBRIDE (USA): "The Good Lord Bird"

By Susan:                  


By Christine:       TOM WOLFE (USA): "The bonfire of Vanities"       

                                AMOR TOWLES: "A gentleman in Moscou" and "Rules of civility"
By Blanka:               

By Christa:                EMILY FRIDLUND: "History of wolves"


By Paulette:              


 By Loeky:               




Other books proposed by book club members

The Magnificent Mrs Tennant, by David Waller (England) (Anne)
La Plage d' Ostende by Jacqueline Harpman (Belgium) (Paulette)

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  1. As I had finished the compulsory reading, I picked up „Death Comes to Pemberley“ by P.D.James, suggested by ANNE. I had read a couple of the early P.D.James´s books and was not hooked, so it intrigued me, why Anne should have come up with a DETECTIVE story!
    Well, now I know why – it is a detective story, but also an imaginary continuation of Jane Austin´s “Pride and Prejudice”. I must confess to my shame, that this did not occur to me until I read the “Author´s Note” at the end, though the names seemed familiar, especially Darcy, where I did make the connection, but I had thought it was just a coincidence, as was the title...
    The idea makes the book interesting, but that´s about all I can say about it,unless you are interested in very detailed descriptions of the legal system and proceedings of the time. The story itself is rather banal and at the same time overly complicated, but it has a certain atmosphere – if you like detective stories and want something relaxing to read. Not much to discuss about it, I think, except perhaps the wisdom of writing sequels to iconic novels (Gone with the Wind, part 2,did not amount to much either), or why Lydia was never interrogated about what was going on between Mr. Wickham and his friend in the chaise,or how was Mr. Wickham going to explain the baby to his wife… Anne? :-)