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Page 6: Tips and tricks

A. Here is how to leave a comment:

1. Type the blog address http://wicreadinggroup.blogspot.com into the address bar of your search engine.
2. This takes you to the Blogger (the blogging software system) sign-in page. Sign in with your Gmail email and password. If you do not have one, hit the Sign Up button and create one, then re-try point 2.
3. Signing in takes you automatically to the home page of the blog.
4. To comment on any posting, click on the word X Comments (where X represents the number of comments) at the foot of the posting.
5. Type your comment in the box. A word of wisdom: if your comment is long or includes different fonts,  try creating it in Word and then pasting into the box. A blog is not the best text manager...!!
6. Choose who you comment as.
7. Click on Publish
8. On the posting, the number of comments should have increased by one.