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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Meeting schedule in 2018

Monday 15th January at Christine's: "AN UNDERGROUND RAILROAD" by Colson
Whitehead (USA)

Monday 19th February at Susan's: "THE MAGICAL MOUNTAIN" by Thomas Mann (Germany)

Monday 19th March at Irene's: "THE HOUSE ON PARADISE STREET" by Sofka Zinovieff (UK)

Monday 16th April at Anne's: "THE GOLDEN HOUSE" by Salman Rushdie (British Indian)

Monday 21st May: meeting cancelled

Monday 18th June at Loeky's: "THE GINGER TREE" by Oswald Wynd (Scotland)

Monday 17 September at Paulette's: "THE RADETZKY MARCH" by Joseph Roth (Austria)

Monday 15th October at Blanka's: "THE WEDNESDAY CLUB" by Kjell Westö (Finland)

Monday 19th November at?: ?

Monday 17th December at ?: "SPEECHLESS" by Tom Lanoye ?

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